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Property Alterations in Midhurst | Handy Tips to Remember

If you’re considering our builders to embark on property alterations at your current home in Midhurst, it’s always worth considering some of the less-obvious operational implications which may come otherwise come up unexpectedly. Home extensions come in all shapes and sizes but some things must remain the same; maintaining practical ceiling heights on loft conversions, completing property alterations in compliance with Building Regulations and, ideally, avoiding the use through-rooms on property extensions.

Ceiling Heights for Loft Conversions

When we build loft conversions for customers in Midhurst, one thing our builders always consider is how high the ceilings should be. Even though the legal minimum ceiling height has been removed from the list of Building Regulations, we still consider a maximum practical height for Midhurst homeowners. All rooms should have a height of around 2.1m. With loft conversions or property extensions that have a sloped ceiling, our builders recommend that at least 50% of the floor area should have a floor-to-ceiling height of 2.1m.

Insurance for Home Extensions

Most of our clients in Midhurst are unaware that home insurance companies won’t cover buildings that are currently having property alterations or property extensions undertaken. When you are having this sort of work performed at your Midhurst home, you will need site insurance with an ‘A’ rated provider to cover the existing building as well as any new home extensions. As a company of builders, we have our own public liability insurance, of course, but you will need to be covered on your own policy for any building work taking place.

Avoid Through Rooms for Property Extensions

One of the most challenging aspects of property alterations and home extensions in Midhurst is designing access to the new room(s). We avoid using large-sized rooms to adjoin to property extensions wherever possible. In order to get the most out of your existing space and to get everything working well with new areas, our builders will look into the possibilities of changing some of the surrounding rooms around so that the kitchen, living room and/or dining room can still be accessed from the main hallway.

We will work closely with you on loft conversions, home extensions and property alterations to achieve maximum space and potential for your Midhurst home.

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