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If your garage is currently serving as storage while your vehicle sits out on your front drive, why not consider turning it into a brand new part of your house that you really get some use out of? Eric Minogue Builders helps residents of Horsham and its surrounds achieve this, delivering garage conversions that can totally change clients’ lives for the better. But what kind of end use do you imagine for a new garage? That’s the subject of the fourth and final blog post in our inaugural series.

We’ve run over just a few of the more common uses, so don’t think it’s totally exhaustive. There are plenty more specialist or nuanced uses for garage conversions! Should you wish to discuss your ideas with our team, why not give us a call on 01403 784 328 or 07768 384 031? Whatever your aesthetic taste and functional requirements, we can ensure your newly realised space matches up to your vision – and even goes well beyond expectations!

A Few Ideas for Garage Conversions

Home Office – Before COVID-19, working from home was already becoming an increasingly popular option for many workers in Horsham and the wider UK. The outbreak of the pandemic made working from home not just a good idea logistically, but an absolute necessity for public and personal health. Many who would not have gone the route of working from home have seen some of its advantages. But there’s often one thing that prevents those who’d like to work from home from making the commitment: having a dedicated work space, where they can crack on in peace and quiet. Garage conversions can provide Horsham workers with exactly this, a bespoke home office or study with everything they need to carry out work efficiently.

Playroom – Having children run amok throughout the home is something most parents around Horsham can sympathise with. Setting aside a dedicated space where they can be stimulated through play is thus a fantastic idea for a few reasons: it makes the wider home more tranquil and less chaotic, and ensures the quality of play (necessary for cognitive and physical development) is high. Garage conversions serving as playrooms can be approached in all sorts of different ways, depending on the age group of the end user and their interests. They might feature active installations, or be more of a lounge-y den area where older children and teens can socialise with friends.

Bedroom – If you’re looking to add raw value to your Horsham home, there are few things more effective than adding a bedroom. This will make your property more popular amongst those who have a larger family, or simply want a spare room to sleep visiting family and friends. If you have a very large garage, conversions can even incorporate an en suite. It’s not just for investment purposes, however, bedroom garage conversions often allow our Horsham clients to stay-put when expecting a new addition to the family, rather than go through the hassle of moving.

Gym or Hobby Room – While heading out the house to dedicated spaces to work out or engage in your favourite hobby can be fun, sometimes you just want to have the equipment within easy reach. Being able to get up off the couch and instantly find yourself in a fully equipped, productive environment is a fantastic feeling. Garage conversions are ideal for creating a hobby room or fitness fortress tailored to your needs.

However you plan to make use of garage conversions, bring in Horsham’s Eric Minogue Builders for an exceptional standard of workmanship and customer service. Call 01403 784 328 or 07768 384 031.