Adding Attractive & Functional Space With Our Garage Conversions in Billingshurst & Sussex| Eric Minogue Builders

If you don’t have a driveway, or have a driveway that’s fully occupied with other vehicles, then a garage can be an invaluable addition to your property. But in our experience, many properties in and around our hometown of Billingshurst and wider Sussex are simply serving as glorified storage. Similarly to attics, which we also convert, they constitute a massive amount of potential sitting under-used or even partially empty. So if you’re in one of our areas of coverage, such as Crawley, Midhurst, Horsham, Loxwood or Oxham – why not consider the benefits of garage conversions?

Eric Minogue Builders, as members of the Federation of Master Builders and Guild of Master Craftsmen, take a very particular approach to each project; we work alongside clients to ensure their conversion is perfectly tailored to the intended end use of their revamped garage, considering both functional requirements and the aesthetic appeal in perfect balance. Taking on all aspects of the project in house, from the initial groundworks and any structural reinforcement that may be pre-requisite, to installing infrastructure and ensuring the finish is perfect, we ensure garage extensions proceed smoothly and within a strict, pre-agreed timeframe.

Add Whatever You’ve Been Missing

Our garage conversions have been used in all sorts of manners, and to scratch itches that would otherwise call for the arduous, stressful and expensive process of moving home altogether; from extra bedrooms in Crawley or Midhurst, to a home office for the working from home crowd in Horsham or Loxwood, or something “out there” like a home cinema or gym for the hobbyist in Oxham or on our doorstep in Billingshurst. The important thing is to consider what you currently lack space for, and how an overhaul or addition could effect your property’s value – but don’t neglect what you truly, in your heart of hearts, want for; sometimes it pays to simply treat yourself!  

Many garage conversions do not require planning permission, falling within Permitted Development rules. But if the structure of the garage will be significantly expanded or changed, then an application may have to be filed. Eric Minogue Builders will be on hand to advise and assist in this process, knowing exactly what local authorities around our principal service areas of Billingshurst, Crawley, Midhurst, Horsham, Loxwood and Oxham are looking for. We’ll ensure you fall within the criteria of acceptance, without needing to compromise your vision.

If you’re searching for a team that specialises in garage conversions, and covers Billingshurst and all surrounding Sussex locales, call Eric Minogue Builders on 01403 784328 or 07768 384031.