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It’s the dead of winter, and the days of warm sunshine still seem far off in the distance… To chase away those winter blues, we’re going to feel free to “get ahead of ourselves”, and consider how loft conversions can be kept cool when the temperatures begin to rise. Targeting clients in Crawley, one of our principal service areas, this blog post looks at how we go about ensuring that our loft conversions will be comfortable to use all year round.

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Keeping Crawley Loft Conversions Cool

Ventilation – First and foremost, ventilation. There are two ways to ensure proper airflow: incorporating windows or sky lights, and facing wall vents which grant loft conversions a certain amount of “breathability”. Figuring out how to achieve adequate airflow – and light access – is one of the first things we work on when planning loft conversions for our Crawley clients.

Insulation – Just as insulation helps keep you warm in winter, it will keep you cool in summer due to it regulating the interior temperature of a roof space. Some roofs already have quality insulation, and none needs to be added, while others can benefit from better insulation to ensure you’ll be comfortable whatever the weather and temperature outdoors.

Shielding from Light – Whatever the format loft conversions take, ensure that blinds or curtains that can shield from strong direct light are in place. Crawley clients investing in Velux window conversions are in luck, with many of these products featuring integrated blinds. If you have traditional windows built into a newly constructed wall, e.g as part of a mansard conversion, then putting up curtain rails is a great idea.

Tiling – Certain roof tiles can help keep loft conversions cool. Light coloured, airy tiles such as terracotta (popular in many hot Mediterranean parts of the world for exactly these reasons), are perfectly suited to this job. Re-tiling a roof, for many Crawley clients, is seen as a bit too drastic of a solution – but it’s certainly worth considering if you have concerns about temperature regulation.

Air Conditioning – “The nuclear option”, there are few more effective ways of cooling down a space. However, air conditioning units can be fairly expensive to invest in and to run, adding on a sum to the electricity bill if used too haphazardly. There’s also the environmental angle. But green-minded Crawley residents could always choose to have solar panels installed, and opt for solar powered air conditioning!

Eric Minogue Builders’ Crawley loft conversions are carefully designed to be comfortable all year round. Call our team today on 01403 784 328 or 07768 384 031.