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All loft conversions are fundamentally about making the most of the available space within a property. But it’s certainly also true that some loft conversions make better use of space than others. At Eric Minogue Builders, loft conversion specialists for Horsham and all surrounding areas, we love nothing more than to use innovative and clever solutions to ensure our clients get the most out of their newly realised space – whatever they’re working with.

So that’s the subject of today’s blog: how loft conversions can be designed to maximise every inch of given space. If you’ve found this page while searching for a team covering Horsham that can deliver loft conversions to an exceptional standard, then why not give us a call to discuss your ideas? You can reach our friendly team on 01403 784 328 or 07768 384 031.

Maximising Space With Loft Conversions

Fitted Furniture

Standard furniture isn’t bespoke to a given room, and thus it can be somewhat inefficient; there may be space to either side of it that’s wasted, which won’t fit much else useful. Fitted furniture, built into the space itself, overcomes this problem. As well as helping incorporate extra fixtures within loft conversions, fitted wardrobes and chests of drawers can look a lot neater and more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it can be designed with your specific needs in mind – so if you have a lot of shoes or coats, or need for compartments to organise clothing and outfits, you can get storage suited to those particular purposes. All three of these reasons are why fitted furniture proves so popular amongst our Horsham clients.

Built-in Shelves

Just as with fitted wardrobes and drawers, built-in shelves avoid the clumsiness of standalone shelves, which can compromise both available depth and height within loft conversions. They can be stylishly incorporated to compliment the design scheme and any features you may have invested in, and hold anything from books and photographs, to houseplants and ornaments. Many Horsham clients find they bring a sense of cohesion and careful consideration to the layout – while serving such a utilitarian purpose.

Window Seats

A cosy little nook to settle into and gaze out across your street or garden, tuck into a book or text and call friends or family… window seats make fantastic additions to loft conversions. They serve as an extra area to enjoy in particular formats - such as mansard and dormer conversions. While it’s true that even large, spacious loft spaces can benefit from window seats, they prove especially popular amongst Horsham residents who have limited space, and wish to have a “bonus” area to lounge in.

Our bespoke loft conversions help transform Horsham properties for the better. So call Eric Minogue Builders today on 01403 784 328 or 07768 384 031 to discuss your ideas!