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Welcome to our second ever blog post. While many of our Crawley clients who come to us looking to invest in property extensions have put a lot of thought into every aspect of a formative project, and have a confident answer for any question you could throw their way, there are many others who are still weighing up the pros and cons of an extension. Our team are always happy to discuss a client’s concerns and answer any questions they might have, to assist in this process.  

Here, for those around Crawley who might be browsing the internet, trying to ascertain whether property extensions are the right home improvement for them at this point in time, we’ve looked to jot down a few questions you can ask yourself. We hope they’ll help you better understand the ins and outs of such a project, and should you decide to push ahead, put your mind at rest knowing you’re making the right decision.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching an Extension

What am I looking to achieve?

There are plenty of different reasons to invest in your property, and there are many ways to go about it; garage conversions, loft conversions and refurbishments are a few popular methods that Crawley residents employ. If you wish to add raw space, property extensions are a no-brainer, as conversions and renovations are merely optimising existing space. But for what purpose are you adding it? If you’re looking to overhaul a kitchen or living space, or add an extra bathroom, then property extensions are ideal. If you’re less interested in usable space, and more interested in investing in your property’s value, it’s worth investigating the local market to see what buyers are looking for – and this should inform the end use of the new space.  

Can I afford the project?

While our Crawley developers pride themselves on providing a competitively priced design and build service, property extensions don’t come cheap; they’re a fairly hefty sum, when factoring in both materials and labour. If money is currently tight, we wouldn’t recommend launching an extension – it may lead to compromise, and having to cut back on the scope of the project. We’d also recommend you set aside an extra 10% of the total cost quoted by our builders, just in case you decide you want to change the designs part way through the extension, to add in particular features. Again, it’s all about avoiding that compromise, so dream property extensions become a reality.

Which type of extension is the best approach?

Property extensions are bespoke but fall within a few categories, of which examples can be found all throughout Crawley and neighbouring areas. Rear extensions are the most popular type, and see an extension of your property into your back garden. Then there are side-rear extensions, which build into the space down the length of a property, keeping garden space freed up. Wrap around property extensions combine the two, wrapping around your home and creating a large amount of new usable space. Which is most appropriate depends on a few factors: what you can obtain permission for, your budget, what type of space you’re looking to create and what you have to work with. We can provide advice in this area during our initial consultation.

Is this the right time?

Our team looks to minimise disruption to your daily routine when carrying out property extensions in and around Crawley. However, there’s no getting away from the fact there will be some disruption. Much of the building work will be noisy, and there will be builders working on your site for a fair stretch of time (how long is dependent on how much work is involved). Certain personal situations, such as having a new born in the house or a serious project coming up that you need to work from home on, might mean it’s worthwhile delaying property extensions until a more convenient time. Once you’ve decided that property extensions can benefit your home, we can think about other questions such as: what type of roof will yours feature, or what type of doors and windows can be employed to best effect…

But if all systems are go, contact Eric Minogue Builders on 01403 784 328 or 07768 384 031. Our property extensions can add significant sums and beautiful new space to Crawley homes.